Auto Coverage

At BeeCovered, we strive to provide the most comprehensive coverage and exceptional service to our customers. We understand the financial burden of vehicle repairs, which is why we aim to protect your budget in a seamless and efficient manner. Our team, guided by over 75 years of industry experience, is dedicated to ensuring your peace of mind and satisfaction.

Our automotive protection plans provide a first line of defense for one of your most valuable assets—your vehicle. We offer a range of automotive protection plans to meet your specific needs and budget, including four levels of vehicle coverage tailored to your vehicle and your lifestyle. With our automotive protection plans, you can rest assured that your vehicle is secure and your budget is protected.

Bee Exclusive Protection

Bee Exclusive Protection is our most comprehensive protection plan. Our highest level of coverage protects EVERY component of the vehicle EXCEPT those specifically listed as excluded or not covered.

Examples of covered items include the engine, transmission, cooling system, transfer unit (4X4), drive axle, electrical system, brake system, suspension, hi-tech electronics, the fuel delivery system, turbocharger/supercharger, audio center, seals and gaskets, and much more.

Examples of items/services that are NOT covered include light bulbs, brake pads and rotors, manual clutch, batteries, routine maintenance, tire rotations, rubber hoses, belts, glass, trim and weather stripping, tires and wheels, body panels, and spark plugs. A full list of excluded items may be found in our service agreements.

Bee Premium Protection

Bee Premium Protection is our most extensive listed component contract. This protection plan includes the already excellent coverage from Bee Essential Protection and Bee Essential Plus Protection along with added audio components, such as factory-installed AM radios, AM/FM radios, satellite radios, the antenna motor, cassette players, CD players, and CD changers (excluding speakers and graphic equalizers), and more.

Bee Essential Plus Protection

Bee Essential Plus Protection is a wonderful plan for those vehicles with a few extra miles on them. This protection plan includes the already excellent coverage from Bee Essential Protection along with added components such as the water pump, oil pump, fuel system, timing chain, electrical components, air conditioner, and more.

Bee Essential Protection

Bee Essential Protection is for those vehicles with high mileage that we love and want to keep around. This protection plan covers the engine, transmission, and transfer case (or all-wheel drive mechanism).

Electric Vehicle Battery Coverage

BeeCovered offers Electrical Vehicle Battery Coverage as an add-on to all protection plans. As we are all aware, the most expensive repair for an electric vehicle is the battery. This surcharge allows you to protect your budget when the battery fails.

What makes a plan worth it?

Repair cost without any coverage adds up. BeeCovered removes the costs and takes the sting out of auto repairs. To learn more, visit our Auto FAQs page.