Home FAQs

Q: My home needs repairs. How do I start a claim?
A: First, make sure you and anyone in your home is safe. Then, you must let BeeCovered know of any failures that may be covered within 48 hours of discovery. Call (800) 552-2709 during regular business hours, and we will attempt to contact an authorized representative and arrange a service call within two business days.

Q: Who authorizes the repairs?
A: You must obtain authorization from BeeCovered. Once a service provider from a repair facility arrives, give them your contract number. We must be contacted at (800) 552-2709 to obtain authorization to proceed with the claim. Any claim for repairs without prior authorization from BeeCovered will be denied, with the exception of Emergency Repairs.

Q: Who pays for the repairs? How does the payment process work?
A: After we consider the diagnosis and authorize the repairs, the service provider will make the repairs. Once we receive confirmation from them that the repairs are complete, along with an invoice showing all the work done, all authorized benefits will be paid directly to the licensed repair facility using a direct credit card payment.

Q: I had to pay for a repair myself. How do I get reimbursed?
A: You may be required to pay the service provider directly and seek reimbursement from BeeCovered if the service provider will not bill us directly, or in the event of Emergency Repairs performed outside our business hours. Reimbursement requests must be submitted to us within 60 days once the claim is authorized. You must submit any documents requested, including, but not limited to, any documents showing proof of cost or invoices showing payment. We will reimburse you for your approved coverage within 30 days of receipt of a paid invoice from the service provider or other proof of payment acceptable to us.

Q: Are all parts and labor covered?
A: Yes. Labor times will be verified by a nationally recognized labor time manual.

Q: How do I get a copy of my contract?
A: Please contact BeeCovered Client Services at (800) 552-2709 and we can assist you.

Q: How do I make my monthly payment?
A: Please contact BeeCovered Client Services at (800) 552-2709. We can assist you in finding your contract provider and payment information.